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The man whirled around to face you. Your heart leaped into your throat, and fear pulsed through you. This man was tall. Like, fricking basketball player height. He towered over you, strong and imposing. You hoped he wasn't offended, because this man could crush a 29 square mile country like you. Heck, you were only 5 feet tall, and you're only 13. He could crush you in a second.
 "Что вы знаете? Ты просто ребенок, вы не знаете, как работает войны." The man says, staring down at you coldly. (What do you know? You are just a child, you don't know how war works.) You didn't know it, but the man was wondering how you knew his language. That was odd, considering he knew all of the former USSR countries. Or so he thought.
 "Да, сэр, вы правы, и мне очень жаль. Но вы помните советскую Красную Армию? Они никогда не нападут на данный момент." (Yes sir, you're right, and I'm sorry. But do you remember the Soviet Red Army? They would never attack at this time.) You said, trying to make sure that he knew you know your place. By saying 'yes sir,' you hoped that he wouldn't be angry. If he got angry at you... God knows what would happen.
 The man seemed taken aback for a moment, not expecting the Soviet Union to be brought up. "Да, Красная Армия .... Я не могу забыть ..." (Yes, the Red Army... I couldn't forget...) He murmured, leaning down slightly to get a better look at you. He studied your platinum hair and striking silver eyes. The way you talked and your body language was exactly that of a USSR country. You reminded him a bit of his older sister, Ukraine... "Кто вы? Вы находитесь стране, да?" (Who are you? You are a country, da?) He asked, looking at you curiously.
 "Yes sir," you said, switching to English,"I am. My name is Prypiat." How did he know you were a country?! He has to be a country himself. Was he...?
 The man blinked, recognizing something in the name. It was familiar somehow... "Nice to meet you little Prypiat. I'm Mother Russia." The man said to you, still looking over you.
 Your eyes widened in shock. You were talking to the MOTHERLAND. The leader of the Soviet Union, the one thing you have dedicated your whole life to. You quickly recovered, and looked up at him. "N-nice to meet you Mr.Russia." You said quietly.
 Russia narrowed his eyes. He had noticed how shocked you looked. He wondered if you were an enemy. He fixed you with a hard, emotionless stare, and he suddenly seemed taller than before, but that part was in your imagination. "Tell me Prypiat, what side are you on?" He asked you, sounding almost threatening.
 You blinked, suddenly remembering that there was a war going on, and every country would be suspicious. "I'm neutral." You said quickly, not wanting him to think of you as an enemy. The thought of suicide was now the last thing on your mind.
 "Hm..." He got down to eye level with you, staring into your eyes with his deep purple ones. "Are you sure you want to stay that way?" He asked with an innocent smile. Woah, who was THIS? One second, he seemed threatening and imposing, the next, kind and childish. But, you liked this new side he's showing you...
 "I wouldn't mind getting involved..." You said quietly,"But I'm a small weak country. I'd die in five minutes." It was true, you were a 29 square mile country that's still trying to get its economy back up and running. LATVIA could crush you. Your population was just over 900, there's no way you could defend against any country. At least, not in man power. You secretly had something that other nations aren't allowed to have. Two words: Nuclear. Weapons. They were left over from the Soviet Era, and were pretty old, but you had also made new ones quite recently. If anyone wanted to kill you, you would take them down with you.
 Russia suddenly leaned in, and was now extremely close. It was an awkward distance, but you didn't mind. You actually liked it a little... "I can protect you, you won't be harmed. Become one with Mother Russia, da?" He said, capturing your eyes with his intense stare.
 You didn't really know how to respond to that. Here was a big strong country offering you protection in exchange for you becoming his ally. Not just any country though. He was in a way, your idol. "D-da." You said after a few moments. Was this a dream? You figured you were about to find out, because your dreams always end as soon as something good happens to you. You were a country of unfortunate events, cracked and broken by bad luck.
 He smiled warmly at you, and hugged you. It was overwhelming, just the sheer warmth coming from him made you feel safe from the cold air. He made you feel safe from General Winter. You blushed, and just stood there dumbly, not knowing what to do.
 Russia noticed your blush, and chuckled. "Are you okay?" He asked. His laughter was childish, strikingly so. You blushed a bit more, and nodded. "Da, I'm just not used to being hugged." You didn't realize it, but you hoped that this wouldn't be the last time he hugged you like this.
 Russia smiled. You were cute, like a little kitten. You were especially cute when you were blushing. "Come Prypiat." He said, taking your hand and leading you out of Red Square.
 You followed without question.
Your comments are what motivated me to get this up tonight. Please keep leaving them~!

Prypiat: And I hope you like the story, da? ;)

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my heart had just melt
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Holy God. That one moment where Russia said to become one with him and I was like "okay but how is this gonna work? Youre taller than me so we gotta do something?."
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Never underestimate a flamingo!
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OMG! I could not stop laughing!

1. Because of the flamingo comment.

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3. When I thought about meeting Russia (THE MOTHERLAND!), it made me think about myself fan girling over Austin Mahone.

DarkGrayLight Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Woah. I just now realized this story is a year old. XD I'm glad you found it amusing!
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Only the war part :/
DarkGrayLight Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
OMG THANK YOU GUYS. Because of ya'll commenting, I got motivated enough to put up the next chapter.

@MissStar, you are correct. But not quite yet~!
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OH SHIT this will get bloody
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