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 Germany growled. He WANTED to do something, but like it or not, he was the one at gunpoint. They say 'surrender' isn't part of Germany's vocabulary, but he would have to learn it fast, or else he'd get a bullet in the head. He had to stay alive... He had to. If he was dead, he couldn't protect brother Prussia and his other allies... He promised he would. And everyone knows that even in hard times, three things ring true for Germans.
1.) They train obsessively.
2.) They drink exessively.
3.) They don't break promises.

 So Germany, with a reluctant sigh, said,"Fine. You're the leader of the Union now, Russland." He looked down like he had just sentenced himself to death.
 Russia smiled evily, the strange aura still around him. "Good." He said, lowering his gun and taking your hand. It was only then did you notice that you were trembling at his side of Russia. It was like he was a completely different person...
 "Take the army out and drill them. Make sure every soldier knows his or her weapon so well that they can put it together blindfolded." Russia commanded, gripping your hand tightly. You blushed a bit, now seeing what was mixed in with his evil aura. Protectiveness. That explains why he's holding your so tightly now, it's because he doesen't trust Germany, and wants to keep you safe. Then another realization suddenly hits you. That look in his eyes last night at the bomb shelter... It was a look of attatchment.
 You blink several times, then realize that Russia is gently tugging your hand in the direction of the door. He walks off, and you follow quickly, never catching Germany's response. To be quite honest, you've almost completely forgotten about Germany as you board the helicopter with Russia again.
 Russia was going to protect you... Quite feircely too. It seems that that's the one thing he kept promising you, verbally or not. He was going to keep you from harm, no matter what.
 You look up at Russia, who has just finished a quick coversation with the pilot. The helicopter lifts off, causing the wind to blow Russia's light hair gently. He looked off at the snow for a few moments, then back at you.
 His whole evil aura is long gone now, and he seems... Almost childish. You blink in suprise at how fast he changes his emotions. One moment he was protecting you fiercely, like you were his most prized possession. The next, he was looking at you with the gentleness of a baby kitten.
 "This may be a long flight. But we'll have a few breaks. Just prepare yourself." He says, looking into your eyes with his deep voilet ones. They seemed to look right into your heart...
 "Okay." Is all you can say under his stare. He smiles softly at you, and sits next to you, studying you. "...Do you like me, Prypiat?" He asked suddenly.
 You blink, and nod. "Da." Russia's eyes widen, and he grins like a child on Christmas morning. Before you could comprehend what he's doing, he pulls you into a soft kiss. You blush immensely, confused at the huge swirl of emotions running around inside you. After a few brief seconds, he pulls back and smiles at you.
 You blush more and fidget a bit, and he redirects his gaze outside, watching the snow fall. You slowly look out the window... And you're amazed by what you see. The white fluff is falling everywhere, and it collects on the ground below, undisturbed. The blankets of pure white covers everything in view, and the sun reflects off of the falling snow, making it sparkle.
 It's odd, you think, for the sun to be out during snowfall, however, it makes this rare scene even more beautiful.
 You watch the scenery slowly passing by, the peacefulness making you sleepy. Your eyes grow heavy, and you yawn. Russia notices this, and chuckles softly. He wraps you in his arms, his warmth surrounding you and protecting you from the beautiful cold. "Go on and sleep, Prypiat." He says, gently stroking your hair.
 You slowly relax into him, leaning on him slightly. He smiles, and continues to run his fingers through your hair. "I'll be here when you awake." He promises quietly. You close your eyes slowly. Russia made you feel warm, safe, and protected. You slowly drift off into a peaceful sleep in his arms.

A few hours later.

 Russia smiles at the gently sleeping Prypiat. You're so cute, and you look so peaceful. He barely even notices when the helicopter lands, caught up in admiring you. So he's suprised when the pilot tells him that they've landed, and he looks around, suddenly noticing. They're now in St. Petersburg, where one of the largest Russian military bases was currently located, built for this specific war.
 He nods, and orders the pilot to protect and look after you. If anything happens.. That pilot will wish he's never born.
 The pilot nods nervously as Russia gently stands up, careful not to wake you up. You don't notice, deep in a seemingly unbreakable sleep.
 He smiles softly and whispers,"I'll be back soon." Before jumping out of the helicopter, hurrying to the base.
 Uknown to Russia, you begin to dream.

 You're not sure where you are, somehwere high. Russia stands infront of you protectively, protecting you of an enemy that you can't see. From the sound of her voice, she's female. You shiver, seeing Russia's aura surround him.
 He says something that you can't make out, and you realize that you can't make out anything that anyone is saying. However, the atmosphere is tense, and you knew that it definately wasn't a friendly meeting.
 You look over, and see a door fly open. From an elevator...? The thought leaves your mind when you see a tall blonde man rush out of it. He's wearing a leather jacket, jeans, glasses, and has blue eyes. You've never met him, but this man definately fit the descriptions you've heard. This man was America.
 You freeze when America holds up a gun, aiming it at Russia. You were helpless. You tried to scream, to warn Russia, but it was too late, and America pulled the trigger.
 The bullet hit Russia's leg, and he stumbled. Everything turned white, and you couldn't see anything. But you heard Russia yell. You couldn't make out what he was saying, but you knew he was saying his last words to you. Your heart sunk when you heard a crack. Somehow, you knew that he had died.  

 You wake up with a gasp to see Russia stepping back into the helicopter, snow lightly dusting his hair. "Russia!" You exclaim, quickly getting up and hugging him tightly. "I thought I lost you!"
 Russia raised an eyebrow in confusion. "I just went into town to inform the military..." He said quietly, his arms slipping around you and surrounding you with his warmth again.
 "I-I thought America shot you.." You say quietly, holding onto him like your life depended on it. Russia notices this, and he pulls you close, kissing your forhead. "Nah, no one could ever shoot me." He said, then picked you up.
 You held onto him, and he set you down in his lap when he sat down in the corner of the helicopter. Tears slip from your eyes, and Russia gently wipes them off.

"~I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I'll never let you go.
When all those shadows almost killed your light~" Russia gently sung.

You blink, reconizing Taylor Swift's 'Safe and Sound.' You hug him tightly, and bury your face into his chest. He gently strokes your hair, and continues singing to you. You soon calm down from Russia's singing, and sigh quietly when he ends the song.
 ".....Please don't leave me Mother Russia." You murmur quietly.
 Russia looks down at you, wide eyed. "I won't." He says. "I promise you, I won't." He hugs you close to him before gently setting you down on the chair next to him.
 You hold Russia's hand, looking out the window, watching the snow. Your mind wanders for a while... Then you grow curious about your destination. "Where are we going, Mother Russia?" You ask quietly.
 "To gain another Ally." Russia says, looking out the window as well. "He spends a lot of time in the snow, so his army will be a good addition to the Union military. His marksmen are some of the best in the world, so I'm going to make him part of the Union side." He says.
 You nod, and a few minutes later, the helicopter lands in a snow covered forest. Russia jumps out, landing with a thud infront of a suprised looking blonde man. "Privyet." He says as you gracefully jump out behind him. You look up at the man curiously. He looks vaguely familiar, and you swear you've heard of him before... After a few hard moments of thought, you realize who it is. Finland.
Hey! It's been a while, it's been a while.. So how long, like two weeks? Sorry for the long update. Life is busy. ANYWAYS, I hope you enjoyed this chapter... yeah... um.... that's really it. I'm not sure when I'll get the next chapter out.

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